Sunday, June 26, 2011

NSFW: Zelda Loves Link by red-monkey

Zelda Loves Link

I love how classy Zelda is in this while still being passionate, sexy, & reviling. The white gloves with the golden bracelets greatly adds to this along with all the other Hylian royal jewels. The lower waist sash or "cunny tapestry" bring up some questions like if  that is a lion cloth-like underwear for her or is that the one that goes over the top of the dress and she just decided to put it back on? The navel ring with the strip of fur is an interesting choice, one that I would not have thought of. 

Speaking of fur it seems that a lot of people have a problem with her elf fuzz myself included but for different reasons. Zelda is blonde so shouldn't the rug mach the drapes or at the very least be a light brown instead of jet black? It really throws the image's balance off when looking at the whole picture, like she's a gal dressed as Zelda in a wig instead of the real deal. Personally as long as it's clean and well trimmed I can find pubic hair kinda cute at times and how Zelda has kept her's here is so cute I just want to pet it.

I also always figured Link leaves his hat on.

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