Monday, October 31, 2011

SFW: The Spider and her Prey

One day a young butterfly was careless enough to fall into the spider's web. The spider felt sorry for the poor thing but she also hadn't eaten in a long time. She decided to have some fun, and for a change make the process as painless as possible for her prey.
With no hope of survival the butterfly tragically accepts her fate knowing the spider will make her end a pleasurable one.

SFW: Sylvanas Windrunner by Kalology

During the Undead campaign of Warcraft III you killed her and turned her into a slave. After the defeat of the scourge at the end of Warcraft III she formed a loose group of undead who weren't particularly happy with being zombies, slaves to the demons, or hunted and killed by the Alliance so she claimed a ruined city as her own and made the best of things. 

Sylvanas Windrunner

SFW: Shakespeare on Fairies and Magic hardcover Illustration by Edmund Dulac

Used as the cover image on this book.

SFW: The Thousand Orcs Cover Art by Todd Lockwood

The cover art for The Thousand Orcs, book 1 of The Hunter's Blades Trilogy from the D&D Forgotten Realms series. Written by R.A. Salvator.

2663 x 1284!

Artist Link
Paperback Book Link

Saturday, October 29, 2011

NSFW: Harem by Daydream

I get the feeling that this is less of a harem for a king or queen and more of a naked grope club with the way the girls are clearly the dominant force.


NSFW: My 1st Lesbian Experience was with a Demon

I love how the albino elf looks like she's both disgusted but also can't get enough.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SFW: Shadow Zelda

Again no artist credits or author tags.

SFW: ACT V - Scene I from The Tempest by Edmund Dulac

"Ye elves of hills,
brooks, standing lakes and groves."

SFW: Dark Link and Shadow Zelda

Haven't been able to post regularly so I'm doing multiple posts a day for the final days leading up to Halloween.

I've got several of these small pictures with no artist or author turn ups when searching. I believe most of them are from small asian artists who's names don't turn up in the english searches.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SFW: You could get used to this!

If you manage to help Romani defend the ranch from the Flatwoods Monster & Hopkinsville Goblins inspired aliens and then sucessfully escort her bigger sister Cremia on her milk run she'll give you a dumb cow hat but more importantly will lovingly nuzzle you in her bosom. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

SFW: Asleep in the Moon Light.. by Richard Doyle

"'Asleep in the moonlight. The dancing Elves have all gone to rest; the King and Queen are evidently friends again, and, let us hope, live happily ever afterwards. From Fairyland, a poem by William Allingham."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NSFW: Revoltech Queen's Blade Nowa Hands on Review

In 2009 Japanese toy and collectable company Kaiyodo released Raina as the 1st figure in their Revoltech Queen’s Blade series which has gone on to produce over a dozen different figures and variants.
The big draw of these dolls is the super articulation, above average paint details, and modular nature of the figures which allows for a vast array of part switching and customization between not only other Queen’s Blade figures but also other revoltech figures and even other brands like Figma as well. 
The fact that they have breast, butt, & vagina details is just a little bonus.

To date Revoltech has made the elves Echidna (003), Alleyne (007), & Nowa (010) in their QB series.
While I’m not all that thrilled with Alleyne’s character design or personality in the show Echidna and Nowa are both pretty darn cool in my book so with some spare money in hand I went searching for them for not too ridiculous prices online.

Both Nowa and Echidna were about the same price as well as looking like they have the same amount of possibility. And while I do like Echidna’s reptile themed armor a bit more than Nowa’s get up what ultimately swung me over to getting Nowa was how expressive she is with 4 different faces while Echidna only has the 2, one of which looks kind of stupid.

Here she is in the box

Without that paper banner thing on

Let's take a look at what she comes with...

  • Happy face
  • Angry face
  • Surprised face
  • Pain/Pleasure face
  • Left ways bangs
  • Right ways bangs
  • Right staff hand (this is the only hand that can hold her staff by itself)
  • Right fingering hand
  • Left holding gesture hand
  • Left waving hand
  • Staff
  • Pet Monkey Lou
  • Top
  • Harness
  • Skirt
  • Battle damaged top
  • Battle damaged skirt

To give you an idea of how big she is

Articulation wise as you can see from the disassembly above Nowa has a whole truckload of it!
Not only do the joints click back and forth but can also turn in the holes that they’re in and thus 1 joint gives 3 different points of movement with the benefit of being able to angle the joint from back-and-forth to side-to-side movement. If that makes any sense in how I said it.

The big orange boots and glove things do inhibit her wrists and ankles and the harness does keep her arms from going flush with her body but the hand and foot movement isn't so blocked that she can’t stand or hold stuff and you can just take the harness of if you want to.

How her elbows and sleeves work

The sleeve cap is a separate part that allows for turning movment

How her hair parts work

Changing out the extra parts is super easy with this, it never felt like the joint was too tight and won’t come out or too loose and keep falling out and I never felt like I was going to break her.
To give her a different face you first lift up her hair which is on a tiny joint and can, itself be swapped out for the 2nd hair piece provided and then just gently lift off of the pegs by her ears and then slide the new one on. 

How her hips work

Most of her joint holes are bored into her at an angle which gives her a better range of movement.

Angry face

Surprised Face

Battle Damaged Clothes

To go as a companion piece to the somewhat anatomically correct features Revoltech has so generously graced these dollies with is an extra set of battle damage clothes. Nowa’s is her top split in half down the front and her skirt somewhat tattered and being blown upwards. To get these on her you have to pull her apart and pop her arms off. Personally I am not all that excited by these parts, the skirt is nice since it gives you a different sense of motion but I’ll probably just keep her fully dressed or toppless/nude.

Nude Front
The paint job is really quite good with her faces having fine detailing and all her other bits and pieces with no real problems. One thing I do want to point out is the fact that on her body there’s a light pink “blush” around the areas of her joints that I guess is meant to blend the schemes or something. Also her nipples are painted a bit off center but not so much that they look odd, just a slight difference that would just as easily happen with a real live girl.

Nude Back

The sculpt of the figure is a well done likeness of the game book art with the 4 faces pretty much perfect and give her a huge emotional range. I’m not all that great with photography so you can’t see the details as well as you should but I find her belly button and butt to be super cute. Strangely while all the other Queen’s Blade figures with removable panties have a Vagina Nowa, who doesn’t wear underwear is smooth like a Barbie for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because she has no underpants or the fact that her cuteness and lithe small breasted physique makes her look young but it’s not too much of a deal breaker just a little disappointing is all.

No womanhood

The display base works fine as a basic stand with peg that goes in a foot hole but that arm with the joints on it is kind of crummy and will wilt fairly quickly so I suggest to either braise it or use an arm stand from a different figure.

About the only problem I have with her is that one of the knee joints is stuck in place in the leg. I’ve tried just yanking it out, twisting it loose, heating the part up with a blow dryer to make the plastic softer, hell the joint itself even came apart but won’t budge. Luckily I don’t find it too big of a problem, certainly not one which I’d send her back for a refund or replacement. 


While for obvious reasons I wouldn't give a QB toy to a child Nowa for the most part is fairly sturdy and would in theory see gentle play action.

There are holes in each end of her staff, her hair strands, the back of her hood, & both pouches for her Monkey to stick in.

Overall, Nowa is a cute and well made little figure with a plethora of articulation and personality. If you have a fantasy collection of some kind you’ll probably love her even if you don’t like or care about the Queen’s Blade series itself.

But you don’t have to take my word for it!