Saturday, June 11, 2011

NSFW: Queen's Blade - Echidna

Queen's Blade is a Japanese ecchi* fantasy series which tells the story about a realm that holds a tournament every 4 years to decide the next ruler. Only the most strong & beautiful women are allowed to participate and the rules are simple; any weapon and fighting style is allowed and victory goes to the women who vanquishes her opponent be it by knock out, submission, or death.   
It started out as a series of  visual combat books, chose your own adventure style game books created by Hobby Japan using the Lost Worlds system and then expanded to include anime, manga, & loads of figures and other merchandise.

Today I bring you art scans of Veteran Mercenary Echidna's book. 
F.Y.I. her underpants is a pet snake that can attack on command.

*ecchi or etchi  is mostly used to describe sexual or erotic content of a soft core nature that can also be humorous, tongue in cheek, or cute.

I'll be posting future Queen's Blade contend including more combat book scans, screen caps, & fan photos of the Revoltech action figures.

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