Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NSFW: Queen's Blade Nowa

Time for some more Queen's Blade artwork. Last time I gave a brief description of the Queen's Blade series and presented Veteran Mercenary Echidna's game book art, this time I will be featuring the combat book art to Forest Keeper Nowa.

She's a young woodland elf apprenticed to her trainer Alleyne and given the task of protecting the outlaying woodland realm. Sadly she is somewhat of an outcast among her people being half human.
As you will see bellow she has a pet monkey named Ruh that possesses matter shifting abilities and can stretch & puff up as well as become harder than steel to act as a simian shield for Nowa. Another thing to note is that In the Queen's Blade universe elves don't wear any underpants so they either run around bottom free or wear leaves over their womanhood.


NSFW: Night Elf Fertility Dance by maxblackrabbit

Female Night Elf Fertility dance

Not quite as hot or artistic as the last post this still is good clean fun.
It also helps prove that Night Elves like all girl 3-ways.

NSFW: Getting Nerthus Off by maxblackrabbit


With dialogue box

This depiction of Sapphic love is super graphic yet never feels gross or degrading. 
It has a very warm and loving vibe which tells the tale of an innocent elf girl who meets 2 friendly and beautiful adventurers which after exchanging pleasantries and lowering her defenses in polite conversation ravish the purple maiden; and with ecstasy literally gushing from her, bring her to the peak of sexual joy.  With her body left trembling with the passion her new friends have so generously given her she is now free to explore her new found sexuality and share it with others who she loves dearly.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

NSFW: Zelda Loves Link by red-monkey

Zelda Loves Link

I love how classy Zelda is in this while still being passionate, sexy, & reviling. The white gloves with the golden bracelets greatly adds to this along with all the other Hylian royal jewels. The lower waist sash or "cunny tapestry" bring up some questions like if  that is a lion cloth-like underwear for her or is that the one that goes over the top of the dress and she just decided to put it back on? The navel ring with the strip of fur is an interesting choice, one that I would not have thought of. 

Speaking of fur it seems that a lot of people have a problem with her elf fuzz myself included but for different reasons. Zelda is blonde so shouldn't the rug mach the drapes or at the very least be a light brown instead of jet black? It really throws the image's balance off when looking at the whole picture, like she's a gal dressed as Zelda in a wig instead of the real deal. Personally as long as it's clean and well trimmed I can find pubic hair kinda cute at times and how Zelda has kept her's here is so cute I just want to pet it.

I also always figured Link leaves his hat on.

Friday, June 24, 2011

NSFW: Link.. It's not rape if you want it! by Woodland-Mel

I Will Have You
 Oh goddesses yes! I'm your little fairy boy and I'll do anything you want! Please I beg of you, fuck me silly and make me a man... er, I mean elf.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

SFW: Some Fucking Hipsters by Woodland-Mel

Some Fucking Hipsters

I never use the Deku nuts, I just buy them from the business scrubs ironically.

Of course you've never heard of the Gorons, they're just so underground.

Personally I feel that The Indago-Gos last album was  too mainstream.

SFW: Summer Days by Woodland-Mel

Summer Days

Link's got more bitches then the west Kakariko Kennel Club!

Here we have Link with Zelda, Malon, Anju, Ruto, Saria, Navi, Impa, Nabooru, Din, Nayru, Farore, & Epona leaving the beach after a joyous summer day.   
"I also wanted to draw a piece where the girls weren't actually chasing or fighting over Link".
I like how Malon & Zelda seem to be enjoying each other's company a hell of a lot  more than usual. Plus check out Malon's Daisy Duke themed clothes with her scarf as a boob wrap. and then there's Zelda's Sheik/Gibdo motif that looks like it would stay on for about 3 minutes of moderate exertion. I like the stone eye head band.

Nabooru's got some torpedo tits like vintage play boy girls. I like the way Woodland Mel made sure to give her a more pronounced nose then the rest of the girls but still kept it attractive in a different sort of way.    

Saria is there because A: She is a Sage now and B: The 3 Goddesses are present as well so they would just magic her safe passage over non Lost Woods land.

I don't like that come hither stare that Epona is giving me }:<

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SFW: Link and Ilia by StellaB

Link and Ilia

Even with the fall pallet there's something very warm about the environment that Link is romancing Ilia in. 

While playing Twilight Princess I got the feeling that the clothes for the Ordon people where meant to be a collection of parts from various sources obtained across Hyrule. Think of them going around the land trading milk, meat, & crops and buying fabric, armor and jewelery form assorted races and assembled together what that person felt looked best or what was practical for them.

While Ilia is no where near my favorite Zelda female I really have zero hatred for her. And in fact I tend to not be all that divisive over couples or "shippings" as the net kids tend to call them. I'll show you a good example of enjoying characters togetherness with out the needless drama and petty fighting tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SFW: To Hell with Formality by Bri-chan

To Hell with Formality
   View in full size if you please.                                                           

1st appearance of Legolas on the blog. Go back and watch the victory coronation scene again.......
Are you back yet?

Isn't Hugo Weaving genuinely smiling with no malicious intent one of the creepiest things ever? The way Celeborn and that one Gondor soldier are grining sure as hell don't help bring the we're on a watch list factor down any.
The bearded one catching Legolas is Gimli and not Gandalf, by the way.

SFW: Lord and Lady by Bri-chan

Lord and Lady

Elrond with his Wife Celebrian.

One of the things that I was sad to see left out of the movies was the fact that Elrond & Celebrian had twin sons, Elladan & Elrohir before Arwen. While they aren't all that important to the story they could have easily been added into the background during the counsel & battle scenes at the very least or give some new possibilities with how the elf scenes between Arwen, Galadriel, & Elrond played out character and dialogue wise. Samwise, Tee Hee.

SFW: Queen of Gondor by Bri-chan

Queen of Gondor

Remember that little bright eyed boy that Viggo picked up in Arwen's waking dream? Here the little guy is with his loving mother being all sweet and snuggly.  Bri-Chan really outdid herself with the cute and love in this one. Arwen looks so motherly and graceful in this piece.

I've still got  a bunch of other of cute content primed for posting before I go back to the sexy stuff.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

SFW: Traumatizing by Hail-NekoYasha


 Hail-NekoYasha was one of the 1st artists I fallowed on Deviant Art. She's been inactive for years now but her little comics are a fun source of Zelda humor.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

SFW: Wishes, Redux by ceruleanvii

Wishes, Redux

Close Up
I wonder where that fish did go? A fish, a fish, a fishy OH! It is a most elusive fish!
Here we have a naked elf boy talking to a fish. And is this ever gorgeous. Just look at those leaves, it's the little details like that which really make a drawing. And the lighting is so warm with little things like the shine on his coin or the way his ears have the light coming behind them so they glow thing. Also take a look at his braid. Notice how it's a bit messy? Usually when doing hair in fantasy pieces the hair is pristine but anyone who has used braids or pony tails for athletics or just day to day activities knows that the shorter hairs will start to pull out and stick every which way. If you look close you can see he even has hair on his legs.

Friday, June 17, 2011

SFW: Lego Malon by HorseElena

Lego Malon

Toy Time with Lego Malon!
Some times the simple blocky builds like this one are just as fun as the ridiculously hyper realistic ones. It looks like an NES version of Malon.

SFW: Malon's Flying Lesson by Requiem-of-Time

Malon's Flying Lesson

In this lighthearted and humorous piece we see Malon using a chicken to "Cucco glide" while like has a small Kaepora Gaebora or maybe one of his babies.
I wish I still had living relatives who are farmers because I'd try jumping 
from high places while gliding down with a chicken.

I'd like everyone to note that they make heart underwear in Hyrule.