Saturday, June 18, 2011

SFW: Wishes, Redux by ceruleanvii

Wishes, Redux

Close Up
I wonder where that fish did go? A fish, a fish, a fishy OH! It is a most elusive fish!
Here we have a naked elf boy talking to a fish. And is this ever gorgeous. Just look at those leaves, it's the little details like that which really make a drawing. And the lighting is so warm with little things like the shine on his coin or the way his ears have the light coming behind them so they glow thing. Also take a look at his braid. Notice how it's a bit messy? Usually when doing hair in fantasy pieces the hair is pristine but anyone who has used braids or pony tails for athletics or just day to day activities knows that the shorter hairs will start to pull out and stick every which way. If you look close you can see he even has hair on his legs.

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