Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NSFW: Queen's Blade Nowa

Time for some more Queen's Blade artwork. Last time I gave a brief description of the Queen's Blade series and presented Veteran Mercenary Echidna's game book art, this time I will be featuring the combat book art to Forest Keeper Nowa.

She's a young woodland elf apprenticed to her trainer Alleyne and given the task of protecting the outlaying woodland realm. Sadly she is somewhat of an outcast among her people being half human.
As you will see bellow she has a pet monkey named Ruh that possesses matter shifting abilities and can stretch & puff up as well as become harder than steel to act as a simian shield for Nowa. Another thing to note is that In the Queen's Blade universe elves don't wear any underpants so they either run around bottom free or wear leaves over their womanhood.


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