About the Blog

I have a thing for elves, fairies, nymphs and other magical spirits of that type so I made this blog to showcase my favorite findings on the subject. It’s just a fun little side project of mine but I do try to make sure my info is accurate and that I give credit where credit is due.  
I wanted to feature a wide array of content and themes; from the heroic and cute, to the erotic and classic. And to cover both official and fan work for established properties as well as original pieces that stand as their own unique world.

~ For the most part new posts will be published at 8:00am American Central time. If I have multiple entries for a day they will be posted 1 minute apart from one another.

~ Because of the diverse mix of content I've tagged posts as being either Safe For Work or Not Safe For Work. So you can avoid the explicit stuff if you’re just looking for good fantasy art or jump right in if you’re looking for something sexy.

~ I post each image as big as it can fit and while many are displayed at their full size many more are at an even bigger resolution. So if you are saving from off the blog click on them first to get the biggest size for downloading.

~ I always post the name of the artist as well as the name of the piece if I can find it. As well as posting links to any of the artist’s sites.

~ Unfortunately because of the Blogger revamp the number of tags each blog can have has been cut down so I can only tag the bigger artists who have a multitude of content to post.

~ If you know the name of an uncredited piece or the name of an uncredited artist I would appreciate any help you can give me.

~ If you are the artist or trademark holder of a piece showcased and wish to have the post added to, removed, or altered in any other way then just message me and we can work things out easy enough.