Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SFW: Link and Ilia by StellaB

Link and Ilia

Even with the fall pallet there's something very warm about the environment that Link is romancing Ilia in. 

While playing Twilight Princess I got the feeling that the clothes for the Ordon people where meant to be a collection of parts from various sources obtained across Hyrule. Think of them going around the land trading milk, meat, & crops and buying fabric, armor and jewelery form assorted races and assembled together what that person felt looked best or what was practical for them.

While Ilia is no where near my favorite Zelda female I really have zero hatred for her. And in fact I tend to not be all that divisive over couples or "shippings" as the net kids tend to call them. I'll show you a good example of enjoying characters togetherness with out the needless drama and petty fighting tomorrow. 

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