Friday, July 15, 2011

SFW: Festering Dodo Chicken by Ursula Vernon

Festering Dodochicken

Another one of Ursula Vernon's creative works of the imagination gives us the elf Sings-to-Trees with a Festering Dodochicken. The concept of this is that elves are these spirits and fairies who love the natural world and can live and work with it in ways that man has forgotten, Right? Well for the most part whenever we see a person or race possessing these traits be fantasy or based off a real culture, glorified or vilified it's always the pretty or powerful beasts that get the love like bears, eagles, deer, boars, tigers, sparrows, butterflies, wolves and the like. Here Ursula proposes that there would be members of the race who would study and revere the weirder and not as glamorous life forms like flies, vultures, fungus, worms, or the vast array of parasites.  
But there are some creatures that even the most open minded have to take a 2nd thought about such as the Festering Dodochicken. A foul smelling fowl who's intelligence is so low it will bite it's own head off as a defensive measure based on the idea that if it takes itself out than nothing else can harm it.

The expressions on the two subjects are priceless.

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