Monday, July 25, 2011

Elf Love is Back from Break

While I won't be making any huge changes to the content or the layout I do have a somewhat of a system now in place: 
Monday to Thursday will have G to PG-13 content including action & adventure, cute, light sexy, romance, & classical artwork with classical usually being posted on a monday. These will have "SFW:" on the beginning of the Title as well as a "SFW" tag.
Friday to Sunday will feature all the R and xXx material which includes all forms of nudity from artistic style nudes to erotic and pornographic nudity, sexual acts, explicit passion & romance, & high level violence & gore.
These will have the "NSFW:" as the Title beginning and have "NSFW" tags.

For the most part I will make new posts in the late morning between 9am and Noon, American central time zone time.

As always I try to hunt down the official name of the artwork as well the as artist's name and if I can the source which I got it form. 

Sometimes I just can't find the information though and will have to post it hoping I'll find the artist later.
So if any of you know the source of what I post or think anything I've said to be untrue or inaccurate please
leave me a message. Also feel free to make any requests for things you'd like me to cover.   

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