Thursday, August 23, 2012

SFW: Warcraft III Night Elf Art Work

I've posted a ton of Warcraft content on here so I thought it was past time that I feature the actual concept work for Warcraft III and it's expansion. The bulk of Blizzard's official Warcraft art work is drawn by Samwise Didier. 

Night Elf Archer Concept
The mohawk was a cool little touch and should be added to the lady hair styles in WoW. Why should trolls have a monopoly on tribal/punk hair styles?

Night Elf Huntress Concept 

Night Elf Assassin Concept
An unused concept for an assassin unit. There's a bit both succubus and harpy to the design. The game mechanics and general idea hay have been re-purposed for the hero warden unit.

Night Elf Male Concept
Possibly a druid of the talon or  Malfurion Stormrage piece.

Druid of the Claw Concept

Druid of the Claw Concept
This almost gives the idea of transformation by way of killing a bear and wearing it's hide which acts somewhat like the Vemon symbiote from Spider-Man.

Druid of the Talon Concept

Malfurion Stormrage Concept

Priestess of the Moon Concept  
The dragon/fish ears sort of pays homage to the transformed Naga off branch. Her armor has a camel toe.  

Wood Nymph Concept
I think this design probably spun off into the Dryad unit. Blizzard probably wouldn't have gotten away with a naked unit like this. Plus the half deer dryads are more distinct visually when next to the rest of the lady night elf units.

Base Night Elf Male Portrait

Night Elf Demon Hunter Profile Sketch 

Night Elf Demon Hunter Final 

Night Elf Keeper of the Grove Final 
I never really used this hero all that much. Generally went for the Demon Hunter or Priestess. 

Night Elf Warden Concept
shaved bald with only a thick pony tail. I like when people think outside the standard elf mold.

Night Elf Warden Final 
The night elves sport both the most and least exposed female attire. As seen here with the Warden hero unit with full helmet and mask on.

Warcraft III Night Elf Cover Art
Few people know that this is Tyrande Whisperwind. Take note of the fangs she has. In World of Warcraft the boy night elves have the fangs on there character model but not the ladies for some reason. 

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